Waiting for asphalt stages: tests in the Czech Republic

Waiting for asphalt stages: tests in the Czech Republic
Last week, Nikolay Gryazin and Yaroslav Fedorov prepared for the tarmac events of the second half of the season.

For this purpose, the crew of the SRT team went to the Czech Republic, where participated in a test session on asphalt roads. The search of settings for the Barum Rally Zlin in European Rally Championship and Rally Germany in WRC was the main objective of tests.
During the tests, the crew managed to drive the car in various conditions, having acquired proper basic settings. Tests went without any issues – except for a small mistake, which resulted in a cracked wheel (which was eventually given to the owners of the nearest cafe as a souvenir). Nikolay was satisfied with the overall test results.

Nikolay Gryazin
"Everything went well: we were able to test the car on both smooth and bumpy roads; besides, we had a chance to drive out in the rain.

During tests, we used settings that proved effective at the WRC Rallye Tour de Corse, trying to adapt them to new conditions: another kind of tarmac, another grip level, and so on. We tried different springs and stabilizers, worked with ride height, and gained quite a lot of useful data.
As a result, we got quite good basic settings, which we will start with just before the races in the Czech Republic and Deutschland. I believe that the tests were successful, and the objectives were fully met."
As a matter of interest, guests of the team attended the Czech tests – including a virtual racer from Poland, who had a rare opportunity to personally compare the behavior of a real car with the physical model used in the Richard Burns Rally simulator. The difference was small, which adds further credence: RBR is still one of the most realistic simulators.
Right now the team doesn't plan to have more tarmac tests and will go with the official test days before the start of each scheduled rally.
Photo: Jarda Červ